Cookie Dough & McDonald’s Coupon Books

Dear Band Families,    As you know the Cookie Dough/Candle Fundraiser went home last week. You can help us reach our goal of $15,000. by every family to selling at least 10 items. This can not happen without everyone pitching in. This is our 3rd largest fundraiser we do as a band. Without these Fundraisers our band fees would be much greater. I know we have had a lot here at the beginning of the year. I can promise you to won’t be this the whole year. THE ORDERS ARE DUE NEXT TUESDAY SEPT 8th. With the Holiday Weekend what a Great time to hit up friends and family to buy something. Money is Not due until product comes in.

We are also selling McDonald Coupon Books. The books are $5.00 a piece with $40.00 worth of coupons. For every book sold $1.00 goes to the Ronald McDonald House. So this is a Win Win. Two Fundraisers in one. Who doesn’t want to help them. They have helped so many families in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The money being raised from this is going into the Disney Trip Budget. This is what will keep the cost down for the trip as well.

I will be at “Pack The Parking Lot” tonight and the Football game Friday night. If you have money for me from the sale of the McDonald Books or you would like some to sell. Please see either day. I will be wearing a Gold Scarf.

If you have Any question about these two Fundraisers or any other fundraising ideas. Please feel free to call, text or email me at…….

Thank you for your Support,  Debbie Stepter  Ways and Means Chair