Time to re-enroll (or enroll) in Kroger Community Rewards to benefit the band

Remember, as of September 1, your Kroger card will no longer be linked to the band unless you re-enroll. To enroll or re-enroll, visit the band website and see the information and tutorial: https://henryclayband.org/2014/11/21/how-to-send-kroger-rewards-to-hcbb/.

The Kroger fundraiser is an easy way for Kroger shoppers to support all the band programs at Henry Clay. Choose Henry Clay Band Boosters as your Community Rewards choice and Kroger will donate a portion of the proceeds from each of your grocery shopping trips to the band!

You will be able to tell you are contributing because a note will show up (most trips) on the bottom of your Kroger receipt. And, online, you will be able to see online how much your shopping contributed on a quarterly basis.

Thank you!
Patsy Carruthers
HCBB Communications Secretary