Band button order reminder

The deadline to order buttons for the first football game was yesterday, but if you email your order today, I can still get it ready.  Diana Emrich and I will be working on them over the next few days and will be printing them Tuesday night to assemble Wednesday. I will have them ready for Thursday night at Pack the Parking lot 🙂 NOTE: if you don’t need it before Friday, the deadline to order them to be ready for the first competition is September 11th.

Use link below for the order form…if you cannot print and scan it, please send me an email with all the details that are included on the order form.  I will collect payment from you when you pick up your order Thursday.


If you need me to email your pictures to you, please respond and I will be happy to do so.  I should respond pretty quickly, as I will be home the rest of the day today.  If you aren’t sure if I’ve received an order from you or not, please confirm with me.  Thanks,  Kimberly Collins 859-266-0004