Seatback Installation Info and Directions

This weekend is the stadium seatback installation at Commonwealth Stadium, our second-biggest fundraiser for the band. Directions and parking:

Please remember the following:

  • Wear proper footwear: no sandals or open-toed shoes
  • Bring tools: 9/16” socket (hand or cordless drill-mount) or wrench, labeled so you don’t lose them
  • Eat a meal before your shift; water and snacks will be provided
  • Meet at Gate 3 and park only in the Green Lot (see attached diagram)

Friday, August 28 –
Shift A: 5-9 pm
Shift B: 6-10 pm
Shift C: 7-11 pm

Saturday, August 29 –
Shift D: 1-5 pm

Because of construction delays, we may not be able to install a number of seatbacks this weekend. In that event, we will need to complete the installation next Wednesday, September 2. More information will be sent out if we have to exercise that option.

Friday, September 4
Color guard 6-10 pm

Install seatbacks purchased after main installation. This is an extra source of revenue we haven’t been able to tap in the past. Any available band parents are encouraged to assist.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Barricklow (, 940-9154).
See you all soon!
Jennifer Barricklow and Tim Sorenson, Stadium Seatback Fundraiser Coordinators