Equipment Crew Invitation

Hello, I am Cameron Beard, Equipment Manager for the Henry Clay Bands, and I’m soliciting Pit (Marching Band Equipment) Crew members for the upcoming season.  This is going to be another exciting year making for lasting memories.  The teamwork, camaraderie, joys, achievements and, yes, even the frustrations and heartaches, all come together to create memories that last a lifetime.  And there is perhaps no better way to share in these memories than to be a small part of the presentation. So, I invite you to become a member of the Pit Crew.

We are going to need approximately 30 or more parents to sign up this year.  This year we have props that will need to be assembled before each performance and if we have enough bodies to help put them together You do not necessarily need to attend every event, but we do need to make sure we always have enough parents to work the show.  We have (2) large bridges and (8) pond bridges…Click links below…to assemble along with other items including instruments that will need a lot of hands on deck to get ready before each show including football games and practices Thursday evenings.

Large Bridge       Small Bridge

Starting this Thursday (8/27) anyone interested in being a part of the pit crew needs to meet at the band trailer no later than 6:00pm (preferably closer to 5:30) so we can start getting the bridges assembled and on the practice field so the band can start incorporating the props into their show. Closer to our first competition we will start doing dry runs to set up the field like we would for  competitions.

We have six competitions scheduled this year – one definite overnight stay for the Dayton competition and possibly a second in Bowling Green for the state competition.  And, yes, it is possible to work the Pit Crew and also be a Chaperone.

Thank you very much. Cameron Beard Equipment Manager, Henry Clay Band (859)229-6380
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