Welcome from the Booster President

Dear Band Family,

Welcome to a new year of exciting music, performances, and showmanship courtesy of the 2015-2016 Henry Clay High School Band!! Our directors, with the support of the Band Boosters, have planned a challenging and rewarding musical educational experience for the students in the coming year.If you are a new family to our program, prepare to be amazed by the artistic quality of the many facets of our program. Every one of our Bands, Ensemble, Colorguard, Percussion, and Steel Drum Band has won awards and recognition not only in Fayette County, but at the state, regional and national level! We hope that you take every opportunity to enjoy their performances. They may not always tell you, but your presence at their concerts and events means a great deal to your students – they like seeing you in the audience!

Parents of Band members know that our students will make life-long friends, sharing experiences they will never forget! They learn the value of commitment and dedication, and working together as a group to support each other and achieve remarkable goals. As parents, we have the same opportunities to make new friends as we work together to support the band and its many activities.

We encourage you to take an active role in your Booster organization by joining one of our committees, volunteering to help out in our Bingo program, helping out at the performances or helping out in any combination of these activities.

The success of the Henry Clay Band Program depends on the active participation of EACH ONE of our band family members. That does include working in our bingo program, helping with our fund raising and staying in good standing with the band program (keeping all fees paid). In order for our program to offer such diverse education opportunities, our annual budget for this coming school year is $190,000.00. That does not include the amazing trip to Disney in February that is planned for all our Band Kids. If you include that trip, our annual budget would be $206,000.00 for our new school year. The program needs your help and support. Our program is primarily supported through fund raising efforts of the Band Boosters organization. Once you get involved, you’ll work with a great group of parents and kids.

The directors  and myself are looking forward to another great year and THANK YOU!!! to each one of you for your support and help to make our program the best part of your child’s high school education.

Tony Spencer/Booster President