Time to Re-Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards!

This message is for ALL members of the band family who shop at Kroger and use the Kroger Rewards card (or alternate number or ID). The Kroger fundraiser contributes money to Henry Clay Band every time you buy groceries there. It’s a very successful fundraiser, and very easy! But, in August every year, you must re-enroll and indicate who you wish your Kroger funds to go to.

As of September 1, your Kroger card will no longer be linked to the band unless you re-enroll in August.

To re-enroll, visit the band website and see the information and tutorial: https://henryclayband.org/2014/11/21/how-to-send-kroger-rewards-to-hcbb/

Thank you for participating in this important fund-raiser,
Patsy Carruthers
Communications Secretary
Henry Clay Band Boosters