Important Info and Reminders for Marching Band!

Dear Marching Band Family, I hope all had a restful weekend!  We had a great first week of camp last week!  The students worked very hard and their identity is beginning to take shape!  We are working diligently on fundamentals for effective performance of our show “Across.”  It is a tedious and long process that requires tremendous focus and discipline from our students, but the rewards are great during the performance part of our season!

I wanted to pass along a few reminders/info as we get into the next 2 weeks of band camp:

  • With the exception of emergency situations, we must avoid conflicts of any kind with our rehearsal schedule (appointments, etc.).  Please look at the calendar online at  We are teaching new information every day and students who miss for any length end up getting lost and overwhelmed, putting them significantly behind the group.
  • For NEW MEMBERS:  Please remember that shoe payment is covered in the new member section of the Marching Band Uniform Expense Form.  New members should submit a payment of $50 to cover shoes, show shirt, fleece, and the HC band shirt.  Several new members brought in separate shoe payment and this amount will be applied to the $50 new member uniform fee.  Also, all incoming freshman should attend the Freshman Orientation on Wed. August 5th and then return to rehearsals with the band at 1:00 PM after lunch.
  • At the end of band camp, we will host a Marching Band Family Potluck Dinner and Parent Preview Show onFriday, August 7th at 6:00 PM.  The dinner will be held in the cafeteria to be followed by a preview of our show in the parking lot.  All marching band students must have solid black shorts, black socks, the HC Band shirt(new members will receive the HC Band Shirt soon), and regular athletic shoes.  There is a pool party for the marching band students to follow the preview show at Hartland Pool.  More info to come.
  • There has been a change to the schedule on Saturday August 15th.  Our designer and show coordinator, Jordan Lalama is able to return during the week of August 10-15 to teach major visual sections of the show.  To best utilize his expertise, the rehearsal on Saturday, August 15th will run from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM which is a few hours longer than the original schedule.  Please make this change and see the online calendar.
  • We need ALL students and as many parents as possible to help with the UK Stadium Seat Fundraiser August 28-30.  There will be shift sign ups in the band room when school starts for this fundraiser.  Everyone please select a shift and sign up.

Thanks to all for your commitment and effort!  We are off to an exciting start!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Sincerely,  BILL KITE  DIRECTOR OF BANDS  HENRY CLAY HIGH SCHOOL  (859) 381-3441 Follow on Twitter @henryclayband Remind 101- Text @henryclayh to 81010