First Aid During Band Camp

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for first aid during band camp!

Here’s what you need to know:
1.  Please arrive on time for your shift.
2.  Please bring a small bag of ice.
3.  Bring a chair – you will be sitting on the practice field under the awning by the entrance to the gym.
4.  Get the cooler and first aid kit from the storage closet in the band room.  Please add Gatorade and water if you need to (in the storage closet).

We don’t supply drinks for the kids.  They should all bring their own water jug.  However, if someone if in need, give them water or Gatorade that is in the cooler.

Most issues are heat, cuts, blisters, nausea…….  Simple things to deal with.  However, if it is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call 911.  If someone passes out, get them in the shade and raise their legs and use cooling cloths (in the cooler).  The 1 – 5 volunteer – please take the cooling cloths OUT of the cooler and let them dry overnight and empty the ice from the cooler.

I will be out of town the first week of band camp and will NOT have access to e-mail.  If you need anything during the first week, please contact Amy Jennings at

July 20                     8-12 Janet Mullins                1-5 Sandra Palmer
July 21                     8-12 Sherry Farmer              1-5 Nicole Dolen
July 22                     8-12 Tom Bensberg             1-5 Lisa Wells
July 23                     8-12 Janet Mullins                 1-5 Chris Privott
July 24                     8-12 Lissi (don’t have last name)   1-5 Sherry Farmer
July 27                     8-12 Monica Hall                   1-5 Melba Guerrero
July 28                     8-12 Sherry Farmer               1-5 Nicole Dolen
July 29                     8-12 Tom Bensberg               1-5 Derek Justice
July 30                     8-12 Mike Jones                     1-5 Debbie Stepter
July 31                     8-12 Donna Cox                     1-5 Sherry Farmer
Aug 3                       8-12 waiting for response      1-5 Marisol Martin
Aug 4                       8-12 Sherry Farmer                1-5 Christine Privott
Aug 5                       8-12 Tom Bensberg                1-5 Nicole Dolen
Aug 6                       8-12 Debbie Stepter              1-5 Christine Privott
Aug 7                       8-12 Vyvann Opp                    1-5 Sherry Farmer

If you CANNOT do the shifts listed above, please contact me immediately!  Thank you! Melissa Jones 859-351-4007