Meals for the Directors During Band Camp

Dear Band Family,  I am still in need of people to provide meals for the directors during band camp.

Meals can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Examples: sandwiches and chips, KFC, pizza, pasta, casseroles, salads, etc. Please let  me know if you are able to provide meals for any of these dates. (See email below for sending your response.) A table will be set up outside of Mr. Kite’s office for you to place the food. Paper products will be provided

Lunch is at noon. Dinner is at 5:00pm.The schedule is as follows:
(if you have any difficulty reading the dates below, you will also find them at

Below are the slots that still needed meals provided.
7/20/15     MONDAY            LUNCH
7/21/15     TUESDAY           LUNCH     DINNER
7/22/15     WEDNESDAY     LUNCH
7/23/15     THURSDAY        LUNCH     DINNER
7/24/15     FRIDAY                             DINNER
7/27/15     MONDAY            LUNCH
7/28/15     TUESDAY           LUNCH
7/29/15     WEDNESDAY    LUNCH
7/30/15     THURSDAY        LUNCH
7/31/15     FRIDAY               LUNCH
8/3/15     MONDAY              LUNCH
8/4/15     TUESDAY             LUNCH
8/5/15     WEDNESDAY      LUNCH
8/6/15     THURSDAY          LUNCH
Thank you for your support!  Kathy Bell