Yard Sale Volunteer Needs

We are in need of some immediate help with the upcoming Yard Sale! Please read entire email.

NOW— We need someone(s) to take the lead in advertising for this event, both posting online and also placing signs around the school and flyers in local businesses (Kroger, Walgreens etc). Click link below for a flyer for everyone to print and post.


Monday— We need a few volunteers with trucks to pick up a large donation of several pieces of furniture on Mon July 13 anytime between 5-7 pm. The furniture is located at Mayfair village, and you would be bringing it to the band room for storage.  It has to be moved that evening. Contact us for details at the numbers listed below.

Ongoing—A google spreadsheet for volunteer sign-ups has been created.   If you have already contacted me with a specific time, you are already added.  If you have not contacted me, you can go directly to the link and sign up.  We need people for Monday evening, Friday from 8a-7p, and Saturday from 6a to cleanup (just let us know which hours you are available and which days, you are not committing to all day unless you want to).

Bake sale—If you would like to contribute to the bake sale, just bring items to the band room anytimeFriday the 17th.  We only ask that you individually wrap or bag items to be sold. You do not need to sign up or tell anyone what you’re bringing, just show up with it and we will sell it! It can be homemade or store bought.  FYI, we had a bake sale at the Pops concert that made $300+, so it could add a big boost!

Drink donations—We will also be selling drinks.  If you want to donate water bottles or soda cans, please bring them at one of the drop off times.

Suggestion for big ticket items—If you are donating something that could be purchased online, it’s helpful to print a copy of the item advertised online to show its value and attach it to the item.

Thanks in advance for all your help—this has the potential to be a big fundraiser for the band’s trip to Disney!
Joe Collins 859-699-6078  j_9287@yahoo.com
Kimberly Collins 859-266-0004 kjar4collins@gmail.com
Yard sale chairs