Couch to 5K program starts June 1st @ 7 pm!

HC Band,  It’s not too late to sign up for the Couch to 5K support program! We will have our first group run on Monday, June 1st @ 7 pm at Henry Clay (by the band room). This will be the last information I will send out through Charms (the band email software)–future correspondence about the program will be through my personal email account and text messages.  If you are interested but have not signed up, please contact me–if we have to postpone our meeting for weather, I would like to be able to reach everyone.  You are still welcome to show up to the first meeting without contacting me, but if the weather is inclement, I won’t know who to reach 🙂

The following people have expressed interest in the program.  If you think you contacted me but your name is not on this list, I apologize–some people told me personally, and I may not remember all of the conversations 🙂  If that’s the case, please let me know.

Rosenkrantz family, Wright family, Slayton family, Felix Satin, Noah and Tabitha Beckett, Sandy and Brandon Beihn, Susan and Angelica Malkowski, Vivi Ortiz and Melba Guerrero, Autumn Emrich, Mimi and Lily Kaufmann, Heather Snapp and Caleb Kendrick, Amy and Gabby Kennedy, Aasiya and Armaan McCoy, and Shelby Gregory, and the Collins family.

Click link below for the document explaining the details of the program.  Please contact me if you have any questions, and don’t forget to bring a bottle of water Monday (no need for your gallon jug you will have for band camp!). Parents and students of all abilities are welcome–we will have a wide range of fitness levels, and will be able to accommodate faster and slower paces.

Couch to 5K Support Program

I look forward to meeting everyone Monday @ 7 pm! Kimberly Collins 859-266-0004

 Note: Not sponsored by Henry Clay Band, Band Boosters or High School