Couch to 5K Program

To band students and parents, I spoke to the students at the end of band camp Saturday about a program that my husband and I are starting to help them get conditioned for band camp in July.  Starting June 1st, we will be doing a modified version of the Couch to 5K running program. We use a run/walk method, and our goal is to build the group up to being able to run ¼ mile at a time with a 30 second walk break in between for 3 miles; however, any progress with running will be considered a success and will build endurance and confidence in your child.  The number one reason people get discouraged when trying a running program is that they start out too fast—this program builds slowly to encourage you to stay with it.

Note: This program is voluntary and is not sponsored by the Henry Clay H.S., Henry Clay Band or Band Boosters.

How will the program work?

  1. Interested students/families will sign up by May 30th.  There is no commitment except to yourself; however, we will have accountability measures in place to provide encouragement, and are working on incentives for participants.
  2. The plan calls for 3 workouts a week for about a half hour, with rest days in between—that’s it!  Once we get a roster of interested parties, we can decide on the days, but right now, it will likely be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or Saturday) each week. We will meet at the Arboretum or Jacobson park (and may alternate to accommodate where participants live).  These locations have nice paths and work better for groups than sidewalks.  Our plan is to meet in the evening when the sun is not as hot (and to allow adults to join us). If we do Saturday instead of Friday, we can meet in the morning.
  3. The schedule will start on the week after school gets out for the summer, May 31st. That gives us 7 weeks to work up to 3 miles, or a 5K, before band camp starts.
  4. Ready to sign up?  Have questions? Please contact Kimberly Collins at 859-266-0004 (call or text) or by email at (or by responding to this email).  Include your name, whether you are a student or parent, whether or not you will need help with transportation, and the area of town where you live.
  5. Click link for more information: Couchto5KSupportProgram

**You do not have to be in marching band to participate!  Thanks!  Kimberly Collins  HC Band Parent