Fundraising for Disney and Other Activities: Horse Capital Marathon

HC Band Family,

As many of you may have heard, the HC Band is trying to plan a band trip next year to Disney!  But with that exciting event comes the realization that it will cost money, and the parents are trying to raise funds for the band.  One such easy fundraising event can happen next Saturday May 16th.  The  Horse Capital Marathon and 1/2 is looking to PAY volunteers for Saturday morning!  We could really use 10 volunteers to work a few hours.  They want us to operate water tables and we can work together.  A few of us are running in this race; we know the race director well, and he wants to help us out.  We will get $20/volunteer! (If we have more, we will make more money!)

Please contact Brian Rosenkrantz (; 859-608-8610), or Kimberly Collins (; 859-266–0004) for more specific information.

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces as we run by!