Senior Parents: Please Send Photos!

Parents of Graduating Seniors,

As soon as you can, please send three photos of your students as youngsters for the Band Banquet’s Senior Slide Show. Examples include a baby picture and one or two as they grow older. If you had a special senior picture made, you may send that as well; alternatively, we have access to and can use their school senior pictures.

Please send your photos via email (preferred) or put them in an envelope addressed to Lesley Iwinski and drop them in the box in the band room.

Emails of the photos should include the student’s name and “Senior Slide Show.” Send to

Photos dropped off at the band room should be in an envelope addressed to Lesley Iwinski and should include on the back of each photo:

  • Student’s name
  • “Senior Slide Show”
  • Whether or not you would like pictures returned. (Since return cannot be guaranteed, it is safest to send copies.)

Thank you!
Lesley Iwinski