Volunteer Opportunity=$ for HC Band!

We have a unique opportunity to make some money for our band for volunteering our time!  On Saturday, May 16th, Lexington is hosting the Horse Capital Marathon/Half Marathon.  They are paying organizations $20 per volunteer, but we need at least 10 volunteers to be paid! So far, we have 3 people signed up: Bob Grossman, and Tim and Kim Newton–Thank you very much!  I have heard from others who have expressed interest, but have not signed up yet.  Please take a few minutes and sign up to volunteer, because they have a great need for volunteers and there is not a limit of how many we can have!

Here are the instructions: Go to http://www.horsecapitalmarathon.com/, then under Race Info, click Volunteer. Scroll down the page and click Sign Up. If you happen to have an account with RunSignup (you would if you participated in the PTA 5K), then sign in and if you don’t have an account, just fill out your information. Check “Volunteer” under Choose Your Events, check the box for the Waiver, and click “Continue”. On the next page, choose your tshirt size, then your shift time.  The race director really needs volunteers on race day (Saturday, May 16th) to operate the water tables, and he will put people from our group together.  The next box asks you to indicate the name of your charity.  Please write “Henry Clay Band,” then click Continue.  The next 2 pages concern additional donations to the race charity (NOT HC band).  To skip these, click Continue. The next page asks if you want to purchase some race related items, just click Continue again. At this point, you can add another registrant, or submit your volunteer registration.

I hope we get a lot of participation for this–they will pay us $20 per volunteer, as long as we have at least 10 people.  The director told me he wants to write us a big check! (Yes, this is the same date as the Marching Band mini-camp.  If you want to participate and have a child in marching band, see if you can set up a carpool 🙂 )

Questions, please contact Kimberly Collins at 859-266-0004 or reply to this email.  Also, please let me know when you register so I don’t have to bug the race director to find out where we stand 🙂  kjar4collins@gmail.com