Area Concert Reception 4/14/15

Good Afternoon Band Family! Just some final notes about the area concert for tomorrow evening. We will be setting up the reception in the cafeteria beginning around 6:00or so. Joe Collins is bringing in ice for the coolers so that we can put our drinks in those. Please bring your donated items there and put them on one of the tables or hand them to someone helping with hospitality. The concert begins at 7:00 pm and should be finished by 8:00 pm or so. If you bring an item in a dish that you would like returned please mark it plainly on the container and make sure to pick it up after the reception.
I purchased enough napkins for the event along with a huge tray of cookies and a 36 can case of Cokes. Several parents have either texted or emailed me to let me know they are bringing items as well as drinks. If you would still like to donate please bring either sweets and/or drinks tomorrow evening.
It is going to be a wonderful concert and we hope to see you there!
Rachel McRae  Hospitality Chair