Good afternoon Band Family! April 14th there will be an area concert (Mr. Kite sent out an earlier message) and the hospitality team will need as many donations as possible for the reception that follows. Please bring any kind of sweet you would like such as: cookies, cupcakes, brownies….and it doesn’t have to be homemade! If you would rather bring drinks we can use canned sodas and water. We are expecting at least 400+ students and need to provide for at the very least twice that many if both parents attend the show.(800)

PLEASE let me know as soon as possible if you can contribute something. You don’t have to tell me what kind of sweet or drink just let me know which you would like to bring (or both will be welcome). You can reply to me at or text me: 859-537-0993.

THANK YOU!!  Rachel McRae  Hospitality Chair