Spring Bingo

Good Evening Everyone,   I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend and is ready for a great week before spring break.

We are needing some help covering bingo during this 3 month sign up session.  Click link below for the sign-up sheet so that everyone can see what sessions they have signed up for. I am also including in this email the number of students and parents we need for each week.

Bingo Spring 2015 sign up

As of right now, we only have 1 student signed up for this coming Saturday, March 28th.

There are many students who haven’t signed up for a spot this session.  Please remember that we ask each student to sign up for 2 sessions every 12 weeks.  If a parent and student sign up together, that counts as 2.

Here are what we need currently:

March 28th:  11 students, 3 adults

April 4th: 1 adult

April 11th: 1 adult

April 18th: 8 adult, 3 adults

April 25th: 3 students, 3 adults

May 2nd: 2 adults

May 9th: 6 students, 3 adults

May 16th: 6 students, 3 adults

May 23rd: 7 students, 3 adults

May 30th: 11 students, 3 adults

Please let me know what shifts you are available.  The quicker I get spots filled, the less I have to blow up your email email!  Michelle Bensberg  mbensberg77@gmail.com