Please pick up your Concert Wear!

Please pick up your concert wear if you have not already done so.  The rack was still very full when I checked it Friday afternoon.  Please try to take it home before the holiday weekend, as it is your responsibility to get the length hemmed if needed!  Also, please try on the pieces to ensure that I gave you the correct size.  Please do not wait until the night before the concert to tell me you need a different size!

The following students still have pieces to take home: David Carruthers, Tristan Garner, James Gooding, Isaiah Hagans, Cody Hall, Ben Hjorth, Parker Jones, Clay Jylkka, Chris Lucero, Tyler Mayfield, Landon Melton, John Newton, Cameron Pettyjohn, Jonathon Quevedo, Will Roberts, Drake Turner, Kevin Ung, Zion Walker, Connor West, Mary Clare Carr, Leighanne Guettler-James, Julia Hickey, Ashley Hill, Madison Kamer, Breonna Ledezma-Rico, Carlee Logan, Angelica Malkowski, Maribeth Nichols, Keirystin Peyton, Andris Robinson, Summer Sawin, Keiana Singleton, Erika Sirrine, Anaya Smith, Lucy Wan, Rachel Spencer, Sheridan Wagner, Maddie Wheeler

If you have questions, please contact me at 859-266-0004 (call or text) or by email at
Thank you, Kimberly Collins  Concert Wear Chair