Seatback Takedown Fundraiser – Sat., Nov. 20th!

Dear Henry Clay Band Family,

Just a reminder that Saturday November 20thall band students are to attend the second part of our Seatback Fundraiser at Commonwealth Stadium. This time we will be taking the seat outs.

Students are to arrive at 8:30 and check in with their designated person for attendance. The removal of seats should take approximately 4-5 hours to complete with everyone being there.  The more students and parents the faster this process will take. This is a major fundraiser for our entire band program and benefits all ensembles and students. Students can bring food for themselves if they feel they will need to eat before the end of the de-installation of seats. The boosters will not be providing lunch this time.

Please keep in mind that this has been on the band calendar since the beginning of the year and has been discussed in our classes and booster meetings. The Band Calendar is located on the Henry Clay Band Website.  There are many ways to keep up-to-date with the band: ,Twitter, the Henry Clay Band page on Facebook, or attend Henry Clay Band Booster meetings where we discuss many items iincluding fundraising (just one item of many covered at booster meetings).

We look forward to everyone helping with this!! Remember to bring your power drills and socket wrenches.

Jeff Bayerle