Good Evening Band family, Attached are the meeting minutes with a correction in the Directors report. Where it once read -we can look forward to changes at BOA- it now states, we can look forward to changes at KMEA. hc band meeting minutes december 2018 Respectfully Submitted, Camilla Wunder Recording Secretary

Band Bingo Volunteers Jan 12th

Hello Band Families, Below is the bingo volunteer list for Saturday, January 12th. Students: Sophia Wiatrowski, Bryndan Hait, Claire Goecke, Hollyn Mofield Boswell, Haiden Moore, Sam Ederington, Tanner Moore, Abby Sirrine, Alexa Wiseman, Erica Currier, Malorie Hall, Lucy Porter, Spencer Hash Parents: Eric Hash, Michelle Hash, Dan Sirrine Supervisors: Brian Rosenkrantz, Jenny Minier, Sandra Palmer, …

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