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We are going to create a band directory. It will be displayed in the Members Only section of the website. Hopefully, you will find the directory useful for car-pooling for after-school rehearsals, contests and bingo, and for helping you to remember names of parents and students that you have met. This will include all band members, because as soon as marching season it over, other activities begin, including Steel Band and after-school rehearsals for the three concert bands. This directory is NOT to be used for business purposes or solicitations of any kind.

The following information will be included

  • Student’s name
  • Instrument
  • which concert band he/she participates in
  • whether or not they are a marcher
  • grade
  • street address and zip code
  • parents’ names
  • parents’ e-mail addresses
  • parents’ phone numbers

This will NOT include the student’s phone number or e-mail. The information will be pulled from the information that is loaded in Charms. If you receive the band e-mails now, then you’re in the system.

If you choose to not be included in the directory at all or if there is a particular piece of information you don’t want included (i.e. you don’t want your address included or one of the e-mail addresses), then send me an e-mail by this Friday, Oct. 2. Please contact me at if you have questions.

Sandra Palmer

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Email update for food or scarf orders

Apparently my email account has been hacked. If you are trying to reach me for hospitality donations or to order a scarf. Please email me at
Thank you, Kathy

(HC Band note: this email has been updated in the previous 2 posts)

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Band Chaperones

If you have volunteered or want to volunteer to chaperone any of the band activities, please make sure you have gone to the website and filled out the background check form.

If you are currently signed up to chaperone, please let me know that you have done this.  If I do NOT hear from you by Thursday, I will have to find someone to take your place.

Thanks for everything.  Sorry to nit-pick but we don’t want to get reported.  Thanks!  Melissa 859-351-4007

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Band Parent Meeting Tonight and info about upcoming events

Dear Band Family,

I would like to invite all parents to attend the meeting tonight in the band room at 7:00 PM. We need your help in making your child’s band experience a great one! While we have difficult discussion from time to time, we are a growing organization with tremendous potential and need every family to participate. The HC band experience is what we make it!

FYI…only marching band members will perform this Friday for the football game. It is 8th grade band night and we are limited on the equipment available as we expect 135 eighth graders to attend!

The next game for non-marching members will be on Friday, October 9th.

Please stay in touch with the online calendar and be sure everyone is completing assignments for each band class!

Thanks very much for your support!  See you tonight!

(859) 381-3441
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Spirit Wear

Spirit wear orders are in with the exception of items with embroidery, such as windshirt, fleece, backpacks and Adidas pullover. Those items will be in sometime this week. I will be on the sidewalk in front of the band room after marching band practice this week to pass out orders.

I will place one last order TOMORROW MORNING for marching band show shirts. Let me know ASAP at if you need to place an order. This will be the last order for show shirts.

Go Blue Band!!!!
Kristie Spencer

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Concert wear–please return outgrown pieces by 9/14!

For those students who have outgrown pieces of concert wear, you will need to bring back the outgrown items so I can determine what we have and what I need to order. Please turn in concert wear by Monday, September 14th (either clean or not cleaned with payment, see below). I will be figuring out what to order on Tuesday, so if you have something you have not returned and I order those sizes, that will be wasting the band’s money.  If you do not have time to get to the cleaners, please turn in pieces with payment for cleaning (see below) plus a $5 convenience fee for the band.  I will take those items to the cleaners as a group.

We have a deal with Bluegrass Cleaners on Squires road (at Richmond Road)–full tux cleaning is $9 (pieces are $3.50 each), and dresses are $3.50.  Their sign says Newport Cleaners, but the business name has changed.  Please make sure you don’t leave your bow tie or cumberbund in the pockets, they may not notice them and they will get lost!  Gentlemen, please keep your bow tie and cumberbund.

If your item has not been cleaned, please do not turn it in without payment ($14 for tuxes, $8.50 for dresses, made to HCBB if a check, in an envelope clearly marked with your name and what it’s for).  If your item has been cleaned, keep it in the plastic so I can tell that’s it’s ready to be restocked.  Also, please make sure your cleaned or uncleaned items are clearly marked with your name!

Questions, please contact Kimberly Collins at 859-266-0004 (call or text) or by replying to

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Schedule and Football Game Tomorrow!

Dear Band Family,

I hope all are well!  Sorry I’m a bit late on this message, but your child should know what’s happening with daily announcements and in class discussion.

Please see details on the upcoming schedule and the home football game tomorrow night:

Thurs. 9/10 (today)

MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:15 PM Pack the Parking Lot!  We will do 2 performances of the show starting at 6:50 PM…please come out to support the MB students!

Fri. 9/11
Home Football Game- All band students will perform
Call time for marching band members is 5:30 PM.  We will meet in the band room at that time to cover uniform procedures.  Students should NOT change until after our meeting at 5:30 PM
Call time for non marching band members is 6:30 PM in arcs out in front of the school.  All students should wear the Blue Devil Band T-shirt.  Marchers will wear ALL BLACK shorts, socks and marching shoes with the Blue Devil Band Shirt….non marching members should wear comfortable shorts and tennis shoes with their Blue Devil Band Shirt.

Sat. 9/12
MB Camp Day 12-9 PM
Students taking ACT should eat lunch and join us as quickly as possible after the test.  All students should either bring dinner or have it arranged for them.

Thanks to all who sold cheese, sausage, cookie dough, and candles!  Orders were due yesterday.

Also, please see the attached HC Band Pep Band Expectations handout that all students received in class today!

Thanks for your work and effort!
(859) 381-3441
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Remind 101- Text @henryclayh to 81010

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